The European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) and Best Practice Conference (BPC) will take place on 8 and 9 December 2022. The theme is working with a particularly vulnerable crime victim.

The EUCPN organises an annual Conference for sharing and disseminating experience and knowledge of Best Practices in preventing crime and increasing safety and security in the EU Member States (BPC). At the same time the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) is also handed out. The ECPA is a contest that rewards the best European crime prevention project. The nominated projects are presented each year during the Best Practice Conference. The theme is chosen by the Presidency of the EUCPN and is in line with the EU priorities.

The aim of this year’s BPC ECPA is to exchange experiences and good practices, most importantly in the areas of early identification of victims of crime (especially those particularly vulnerable ), prevention of their secondary victimization and re-victimization and how to increase motivation to report crimes and thus to reduce the latency of crime. This can be achieved, inter alia, by improving the communication skills of law enforcement authorities (mostly, but not only, the police), increasing pro-client access to crime victims, witnesses and persons reporting crime. We can achieve our goal also by increasing trust in working with victims, by using new methodologies for identifying victims and for working with particularly vulnerable victims, and last but not least by raising legal awareness of risk groups (e.g. seniors), etc.

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