How to get started with the administrative approach

Across the EU, some Member States have systematically implemented a national policy on the administrative approach, others have no national policy but have gained experience with the concept and a further group of Member States have no national policy and little to no experience with the concept.

Because the administrative approach exists in many forms and is evolving at different speeds, it is challenging to offer a step-by-step programme. This is especially challenging, taking into account the variety of ways in which governments organise their administrations and in which competences belong to which administrative bodies. The recommendations in this roadmap are therefore drawn from the route that some of the more experienced Member States in the EU have followed:
1. Take stock of available instruments 
2. Put into practice what you can 
3. Spread the word at local level 
4. Set up an organisational structure with partners 
5. Ensure a strong information position 
6. Set up joint actions on the ground